Spa of Manzanar

Wonderful environment that works all year and where you can enjoy outdoor thermal baths. This place is 46 Miles of La Casona del Sur.

Termas del Malalcahuello

Thermal center located approximately 60 Miles. La Casona.

Termas de Tolhuaca

Distant 33 Miles. North of Curacautín, 60Kms and gravel road from La Casona.

Salto de la Princesa

This jump has a height of 40 m. and is 3 Miles. of the Termas de Manzanar.

Salto del Indio

This jump has a height of 30 m. and is approximately 4 Miles. of the Termas de Manzanar.

Sky Center Los Arenales

Los Arenales is located between Araucaria forest. From the heights of the ski slopes you can see the different volcanoes. Suitable from June to October. Since the center is La Casona 100 Miles.

National Park Tolhuaca

Located in the sector Malleco, a 49 km. Curacautín and 76km South of La Casona, with a surface 6.374 hectares. Among its attractions is the Laguna Malleco and Malleco River Falls, Laguna Verde, Culebra Waterfall, Cerro Amarillo and Cerro Colomahuida.

National Reserve Malalcahuello-Nalcas

Located in Curacautín. Here are the volcanoes and Tolhuaca Lonquimay. The forest vegetation is high Andean Araucaria presence, focus, coigües, oaks and raulíes; also houses a rich fauna including the puma stand, fox, chilli, culpeo, choroy, black woodpecker and owl.

Laguna Icalma

It is located on Route Lonquimay International Paso Pino Hachado at Km 41. The attraction gives rise to the characteristic Bío Bío River. Its beaches are visited by their fine-textured gray sand and crystal clear waters of cold temperatures.